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Welcome to my Goals e-Portfolio

Jeremy Luft


Purpose Statement:  The purpose of my project is to expand our use of the districts "data dashboard" and build processes and timelines to ensure data is kept accurate, up to date, aligned to our district goals, and displayed in a user friendly manner.   

The development of the data dashboard was intented to meet several goals.  The first goal was "transparency", the district wanted to share data with the community in a user friendly format.  Our second goal was to use the dashboard to align data to our district goals as a way of tracking our progress toward meeting those goals.  The third goal of the dashboard was to explain the 'meaning' of our school data, to tell the story behind the data.  

My Goals:

1)  Work with existing action plan template to have admin report out on at least one data element from each building

Dashboard SLO Outline.doc

2)  Update exisiting data dashboard to be inclusive of the new "guidance tab"

3)  Establish timelines when data elements will be updated and who is responsible to report that data.

4)  Continue to be awesome. 


School Spotlight Page:

Each Principal will meet with me over the summer and establish at least one measure they would like share on the dashboard for the following year (data will be updated during the year when possible).  I will work with the Principals to determine what data is needed, how it will be collected, and analyze the results.  Each building will be responsible for establishing their building's measure.  All buildings will be included within the "Spotlight" tab on the dashboard.

Preview of Spotlight Page:



New Guidance Page Updated:


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