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I firmly believe in being a part of a greater professional community and working to contribute to bettering education, and especially education in the arts. As such, I maintain active participation in a number of professional organizations as follows: 


  • Westchester County Arts Leadership Assocaition (WCALA)- I currently serve as President for WCALA. This organization works to be a source of support, communication, and development for leaders in the field of music and arts education in Westchester County. There are currently 25 school districts from throughout the county who participate in our association. 
  • New York State Band Directors Association (NYSBDA) - I am currently 1st Vice President of NYSBDA. NYSBDA works to promote and improve instrumental music and music education in New York State. In my role as 1st VP, I work to coordinate our Annual Symposium held each year in March. In addition to our own annual symposium for Band Directors held each spring, NYSBDA helps with planning and providing sessions for the NYSSMA Winter and Summer Music Conferences. 
  • Westchester County School Music Association  (WCSMA) - I have previously served on the executive board in the office of Treasurer for WCSMA. I continue to be active with the association, and also served as conductor for the Elementary All-County Band in 2012. 
  • I also maintain active membership in, NYSCAMENYSATA, NYSSMA and NAfME
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